You Have A Choice!

Did you know that you can choose where to get physical therapy?  Your doctor may give you a list of recommendations for physical therapy or may even write on your physical therapy prescription where to go. But, you can do your research and tell your doctor what clinic you want. Ultimately, you are legally permitted to choose where you want to go for physical therapy. You can take your prescription anywhere. Owens Physical Therapy can take any prescription even if another clinic is written on it.

Not all physical therapy clinics are the same and the type of care you receive can vary between clinics. That is why it is important to think about where you want to go for physical therapy. Here are some things to look for in a physical therapy clinic to receive the best possible care:

  • One on one care – You deserve to have one on one attention during your physical therapy appointment to be sure you are getting better as quickly as possible.
  • Care by an actual physical therapist – At some clinics you may see a physical therapist only at the first and last appointment and see an assistant the rest of the time. You deserve to get the care you pay for.
  • Hands-on care –Exercise is an important part of physical therapy treatment and recovery from an injury, but hands-on treatment plays an important role as well. Being able to receive both of these services by an experienced physical therapist can help you heal faster.
  • Value –Insurance deductibles have risen, causing consumers to have to pay more out of pocket for services, such as physical therapy, until the deductible is met. Out of pocket costs vary from physical therapy clinic to clinic, especially when comparing a hospital based clinic to a private practice. Private practice is often more cost-effective. It pays to call around, just like you would when comparing services for your car or home.

As you could guess from the content of this blog post, Owens Physical Therapy can provide you with what you deserve –one on one care, care by a licensed physical therapist, hands-on care, and the good value that is found at a private practice. Email us or give us a call if you have questions about what we can offer.

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