Have you ever experienced a feeling of dizziness or the sensation that the world is spinning? If you answered yes, you possibly went through vertigo — also called benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV). Owens Physical Therapy’s trained vertigo treatment specialists reduce these symptoms using several proven drug-free methods.

So, what cases vertigo?

The inner ear contains three semicircular canals, filled with endolymph fluid, hair cells and sensory organs that tell your brain where you are in space. If homeostasis within these canals becomes disrupted, you may experience dizziness or vertigo. This disruption can often happen spontaneously. Most of our patients will complain about dizziness with a change in position like rolling over in bed, bending over, washing their hair in the shower — or movements that involve turning or moving their head.  Our physical therapists use specific maneuvers, positions and exercises that can alleviate your vertigo symptoms.

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“Jim is great! He takes the time and attention to listen and fully understand your symptoms before he creates a plan for treatment. I was pleasantly surprised by my constant physical progress and pain elimination. Jim is personable and makes appointments fun with his sense of humor!”

— Karen