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Surgery costs not only an arm and a leg, but sometimes causes damage to your actual arms and legs. Why put yourself through unnecessary pain, elongated healing processes and financial burdens, when physical therapy brings you similar outcomes, with less pain and cost?

Physical therapy provides pain-free and safe healing, without the use of drugs or invasive surgery. Physical therapists focus on the natural movement of your body, finding the source of the injury and fixing it from the inside out, with your body at the forefront of all decisions. Your body’s pain threshold limits the work that is done, meaning that you will never be in too much pain to function, which is the result of numerous invasive surgeries.

For conditions such as –– meniscal tears, knee osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tears, spinal stenosis and degenerative disk disease –– physical therapy provides the same effective results as surgery. Physical therapy is less risky than surgery, where mistakes occur and leave patients more injured than before.

Physical therapy targets the rubbery cartilage that cushions your knee, working the same way surgery would — to return the knee to its original joint function. Physical therapy has helped many individuals avoid costly surgery and get their body back.

Patients often see results as soon as 10 weeks after beginning physical therapy, which happens to be the same amount of time most people are able to experience relief after the lengthy healing process of surgery. Complications arise from surgery within sensitive areas like the knee and lower back, versus physical therapy which assists in the same way as surgery, but provides a much lower risk value.

Before agreeing to go through with a surgery that might impact your body poorly, consider all your options, including the work of physical therapy. Make sure to consult your doctor before making any health decisions.

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