You Have A Choice!

 In Physical Therapy

Did you know you can choose your physical therapist?

Doctors often give patients a list of recommendations for physical therapy –– they may even tell you where to go. Though rarely advertised, laws allow patients the freedom to research and choose their preferred clinic.

Ultimately, you may take your prescription anywhere. Owens Physical Therapy Specialists accepts any prescription –– even if it shows a different clinic on the paper.

While physical therapy clinics vary, they should all offer basic care, including:

  • One-on-One Care: You deserve to have one-on-one attention during your physical therapy appointment, ensuring a quick recovery.
  • Treatment From A Physical Therapist: Some clinics provide a physical therapist for the first and last appointment and use an assistant the remaining time. You deserve the care you pay for.
  • Hands-On Treatment: Exercise and hands-on treatment play an important role in recovery. Receive both from an experienced physical therapist, helping you heal faster.
  • Value: Insurance deductibles rise, causing consumers to pay more out-of-pocket for services like physical therapy. Out of pocket costs vary from clinic to clinic, especially when comparing a hospital-based clinic to a private practice. In most cases, a private practice will be more affordable. It pays to call around, similar to comparing services for your car or home.

Owens Physical Therapy Specialists can provide you with what you deserve –– one-on-one hands on treatment — always by a licensed physical therapist — for an affordable price..

For more information about choosing a physical therapist from the experts at Owens Physical Therapy Specialists, please contact us here or call us directly at 616.328.9357.

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